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Chat Rules

Sloozie is an adult site but that doesn't mean you can assume that everyone in chat is a slut, wants cybersex, or has to talk with you. Other people are here for their own pleasure, not yours! Please READ and follow these simple rules. If you don't, you'll get yourself removed and banned from Sloozie, and no one wants that.

  • Be nice!

    Insults, abuse, name calling or personal attacks are not tolerated. You won't get along with everybody, but if you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself!

  • Racism gets you banned, immediately.

    No ifs, buts or second chances. Racist comments will get you permanently banned from Sloozie.

  • Don't give out your contact info in public

    That's just plain dumb and dangerous. Don't do it! We'll remove you from Sloozie to save you from yourself if we have to.

  • No politics or religion

    We don't have a problem with people having passionate and differing views on these subjects, but Sloozie isn't the place for them. Take them elsewhere.

  • No minors

    Sloozie is strictly adults only. The ban on minors includes kids in the background on cam. What are you doing surfing Sloozie with your kids in the room anyway?

  • English only please

    The majority of Sloozie's members are English speakers, so please restrict your conversations in the main rooms to English.

  • No CAPS or flooding

    Using all CAPITALS in chat is like yelling and is really annoying to others. Don't do it! Flooding the room with repetitive text will get you banned.

  • No advertising or other sites/services

    Go pay for your advertising elsewhere. Asking people to join you on Yahoo or MSN or whatever is forbidden. If you really think that something else is better than Slooize, then go there!

  • No pestering or directing

    Badgering someone to perform on cam or asking them to do something you want them to is forbidden. The people who show on cam at Sloozie do it for their pleasure, not yours! If you want to direct a performer, go to a paid webcam site!

  • The Bottom Line

                 Don't be an asshole in chat!

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